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Cyprus (I)

Becky Moore 2020

Woo, ink, stitch


Part of a small series of 4 works inspired by memories of Cyprus


Framed art.  Work measures approx 10cm x10cm.  Frame is 25cmx25cm


In 1982, as an impressionable 18 year old, I spent a month in Cyprus.  It was an emotional landmark of a trip, coming to terms with adulthood, the loss of my mother 2 years before, the disasterous relationship with my father, and the experimentation in independence and freedom.  The memories of that month and Cyprus have haunted me forever.  I knew returning there in 2019 wouldn't be the same - the Cyprus I knew has changed beyond recognition, the Becky I knew has disolved in time.  But the turquoise sea and the sandy earth remain, as do the memories.


Framed in 25cmx25cm square foil covered fibreboard, with acrylic front.

Cyprus (I)

  • As with all art, take care of it to keep it in top condition:

    • Hang it out of direct sunlight 
    • Avoid hanging above direct heat sources such as a fireplace or radiator
    • Keep the frame clean, by dusting it regularly with a soft duster, to avoid accumulations of dust which may damange the work
    • Keep information about the work (artist, signature, date etc - all included on back of each work and on back of frame) with the work.
    • Avoid hanging in dirty or steam filled areas such as garages, kitchens or bathrooms as dust, steam and grease will damage the work.
    • wrap the frame well when transporting it, using heavy cardboard on the front and back.
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