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Buy Art: Small World

"Small pieces, slowly. Its proving hard to think big, or long term and this seems to be playing out in what I make. Short term commitment, portable. But also in my mind, small , tiny, is sometimes all I can manage. But perhaps this limitation makes it easy to be original and authentic, not trying to copy what others have done or what i think I should do, just following the stitch.  Creating small quiet places in my head. Sewing small pieces, small stitiches, soothes ragged nerves, but more than that, its a peacful place that’s just mine, a private place to go."

At the beginning, when I started sewing again amidst grief and pain and fear, in chemotherapy wards, or sitting with my very sick partner,  a 3 inch square was about all I could manage.  The tiny worlds I created reflected the isolation, the contracted world we were living.  I have continued to sew these little squares: they are grounding and meditative, sometimes simple sometimes complex.  

"For days I could hardly move. Then I cried. Then I sewed."

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